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After years spent working in the fashion and magazine industry, Dana Kellin translated her relaxing, part-time hobby into a full-blown career and successful company. Her collection of Intricate, understated and ultra-feminine jewelry began when wire-wrapping was first introduced to the designer jewelry scene. She has since perfected the look, infusing it with her creative, delicate, and antique-inspired quality. Often called 'lingerie jewelry' or a 'man magnet', her necklaces and earrings have a distinctive, small-scale and understated beauty.

Dana Kellin Fashion

Round Turquoise Necklace

Round turquoise pendant with gold fill wire wrapping details, on gold fill chain.


Smoky Quartz Necklace

Rectangular framed smoky quartz on god fill chain.


Sienna Mix Necklace

Sienna mix necklace on a beaded chain with gold details.


Pyrite Earrings

Pyrite drop earrings with 14k gold vermeil by Dana Kellin.


Beaded Moon Studs

Dark silver pyrite beads set in a crescent moon shaped gold fill wire wrapped frame.


Long White Mix Dangle Earrings

Multi white on white stone drop with gold fill wire wrap details.


Silver Gold Filled Necklace

Silver beaded necklace with gold details.


Periwinkle Mix Gold Earrings

A pair of gold drop earrings with gold wire wrapping, seed pearls, and three chalcedony dangles.


White Calcite Earrings

White Calcite with gold fill wire wrapped, 1.5" drop and 3/4" wide earrings.


Deep Rouge Mix Earrings

Deep rouge mix drop earrings with gold detail.


Pink Mix and Pearl Earrings

Pink mix and pearl earrings with gold detail.


Pink Quartz and Pearl Earrings

Pink quartz and pearl earrings with gold fill wrapping details.


Blush Mix with Gold Earrings

Blush Mix dangling earrings with gold details.


Pyrite Drop Earrings

Olive quartz and pyrite drop earrings with 14k gold vermeil by Dana Kellin. 1.25" drop.


Smoky Quartz Earrings

Smoky quartz earrings with 14k gold vermeil by Dana Kellin.

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