10K Aurora Cigar Band

A gold band with a hammered texture with scattered diamonds.


10K Short Sleeve Ring

A tapered ring with 5 white diamonds.


Orion Eternity Ring

A textured gold ring with white diamonds.


Half Moon Necklace

A hammered gold pendant necklace with an S-clasp closure.


Pave Mini Sticks

Small gold bar earrings with white diamonds.


Long Pave Sticks

A pair of gold stick earrings embellished with white diamonds.


Pave Half Lily Pad Stud

A pair of yellow gold semi-circle earrings with a line of white diamonds.


Pave Giant Lily Pad Stud

A pair of gold round earrings with a center line of white diamonds.


Astrid Half Moon Earrings

A pair of hammered gold half moon earrings with a diamond ring detail.


Small Mod Pave Leaf Earrings

A pair of gold leaves with white diamond stems and gold ear wires.


Mod Pave Petal Bracelet

A gold petal bracelet with a stem of white diamonds with a watchband style.


Kamet Ring Silver

A statement ring with black rutile and raw sliced diamonds.

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