Antler Slice Earrings with Black Diamonds

A pair of naturally shed antler earrings with 3pt black diamonds and gold ear wires.


Antler Slice Earrings

A pair of naturally shed antler earrings with gold ear wires.


Black Geode Earrings with Mini Apatite Drops

A pair of Geode and Apatite drops with 14k gold ear wires


Mini Peacock Earrings

Drop round earrings wrapped in gold wire with Blue and Clear Quartz beads.


Blue Quartz/Pearl Earrings

A pair of drops wrapped with gold wire with blue seed pearls and blue quartz drops


Blue Quartz Drop Earrings

A pair of gold drop wire-wrapped with blue drop quartz


Garnet Drop Earrings

Diamond-shaped drops of gold wire wrapped with garnet beads and garnet drops


African Ruby, Garnet Earrings

Three garnet drops from rectangular hoops wrapped with gold wire with ruby beads.


Jet and Crystal Round Earrings

Dangle hoops wrapped with gold wire with Jet and Clear Quartz beads.


Silver and Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings

Mini Pearls set on oxide silver hoops with delicate gold wire wrapped


Mixed Chain Earrings

Gold Wire Wrapped Oval Hoops with Gold and Silver Chains


Pearl Earrings

Freshwater Pearl delicately gold wire wrapped to dangle


Double Parchment Disk Earrings

A pair of parchment textured 18k gold disks joined by an 18k gold ring.


Long logan post

A pair of 18k yellow gold earrings with handmade charms and rings.


Kelp Charm Hoops

A pair of 18k hoops with handmade charms

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