Lina Hoops Silver Resin

A pair of gold hoops with sliced raw diamonds.


Carmes Earrings Sand Black

A pair of opal earrings with sliced raw diamonds.


Teal Diamond Olive Quartz 14K Earrings

A pair of olive quartz earrings with teal diamond accents.


Teal Diamond London Blue Topaz 14K Earrings

A pair of small teal diamond, teardrop earrings with gold accents.


Opal Kyanite 14K Earring

Mixed drop earrings with opal and kyanite stones wrapped in gold.


Teal Diamond 14K Earrings

A pair of rounded studs with teal diamonds wrapped in gold.


Diamond Silver Drop Earrings

A pair of drop earrings made up of diamond-covered, geometric links.


Diamond 14K Earrings

Diamond-accented, faceted labradorite earrings with a peaked top.


Pave Half Lily Pad Stud

A pair of yellow gold semi-circle earrings with a line of white diamonds.


Pave Giant Lily Pad Stud

A pair of gold round earrings with a center line of white diamonds.


Astrid Half Moon Earrings

A pair of hammered gold half moon earrings with a diamond ring detail.


Long Pave Sticks

A pair of gold stick earrings embellished with white diamonds.


Neora Studs Black

A pair of sliced raw diamond studs with a geometric shape.


Palo Studs Steel

A pair of teardrop studs with pave champagne diamonds and steel resin.


Tonsa Studs Clear

A pair of hollow, circular earrings with sliced raw diamonds and pave champagne diamonds.

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