Black Spinel with Opal Pendants Necklace

Knotted Black Spinel with Australian Opal and Ethiopian Opal Drops


Mexican Fire and Ethiopian Opal Necklace

Knotted Opals with 18k Gold detailing and 14k Clasp


Faceted Peridot with Sea Pearl Pendant Necklace

Knotted Peridot beads with Golden South Sea Pearl and Chrome Diopside drops with gold clasp


Keshi Pearls with The Pearl Bird

Mini Pearls knotted with green cotton thread.


Knotted Pearl Necklace

Mini Pearls knotted with light brown silk thread and pearl button closure


Pearl, Blue Quartz Necklace

Five pearl drops of wire-wrapped blue quartz beads


Blue Topaz. Blue Quartz and Pearl Necklace

Blue topaz drop hangs on pearl wire-wrapped blue quartz beads.


Kyanite, Pearl Necklace

Oval gold pendant wrapped with Kyanite and mini Pearls


Blue Quartz Necklace

Blue quartz drop hangs on an oval gold wire-wrapped pendant.


Peacock Necklace

Three blue mix drop hangs on a gold wire-wrapped pendant hoop.


Oval Garnet Necklace

Oval gold pendant wrapped with mini garnet beads


Tripel Garnet Necklace

Three garnet drop hangs on V-bar gold wire wrapped with Mini garnet beads


Jet and Crystal Round Pendant Necklace

Drop hoop wrapped with gold wire with Jet and Clear Quartz beads.


Moonstone Pendant Necklace

White moonstone pendant with delicately gold wire wrapped and gold framed dangles on beautiful silver and gold chain.


Silver Crystal Necklace

Oxide silver fine chain necklace with crystals with gold wire-wrapped details

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