Inhabit is a young designer knitwear collection introduced in the Fall of 2003, founded by Vivian Koo, Stacey Perlick, and Susie Cho. It is a modern and luxurious knitwear collection consisting of cashmere, merino and fancy yarns knitted in a variety of gauges from a superfine layering piece to chunky hand knits. The focus of the collection is on the fit and attention to detail in both the design and finishing process.


Cashmere Shell Flannel

A relaxed fit sleeveless cashmere turtleneck shell.

$312.00 $218.40

Cashmere Mixed Stitch Crew Oyster

A long sleeve relaxed fit stretch cashmere crewneck pullover with a mix of stylized cable knits throughout.

$542.00 $379.40

Cashmere Luxe Crew Ivory

A relaxed fit cashmere crewneck pullover with gathered back detail.

$334.00 $233.80

Celine Pullover Dream

A relaxed fit textured luxe cashmere pullover.

$748.00 $523.60

Cashmere Crew Sterling

A basic cashmere crewneck pullover.


Cashmere & Linen Perforated Shell Fuse

A crewneck marled open knit sleeveless shell with alternating knits to create the illusion of stripes.

$276.00 $193.20

Mixed Media Tee Mist

A lightweight striped tee shirt with button back.

$266.00 $133.00

Cotton Cashmere T-Shirt Black

A basic cotton blend t-shirt.

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