And so Claudio Orciani starts: 

“It was 1978, I was 23 and I desperately looked for a belt fit for a young man of my age, so I decided to make one with a piece of skin taken from a shoemaker. A friend of mine who had a boutique liked this belt so much that she pushed me into making others. I looked at the calendar and I never forgot that date, it was January 15th, 1979". 
Claudio Orciani immediately decided to create a belt that was different from the classic ones sold on the market. Since he knew no suppliers and tanners and he had no formal training in leather-working, he made a virtue out of necessity and focused on creativity. He started studying and he avoided current fads. Claudio Orciani sought absolute minimalism by making a seamless curved belt, for example. He also designed the first belt made of elasticized leather, an innovation that was later adopted by the entire sector.


Cariben Skinny Belt Nero

A skinny leather belt with a gold studded buckle.


Cairo Belt Matita

Cairo textured leather belt.


British Belt Noce

A textured leather belt with silver buckle in an ombre Noce brown.


Blur Belt T.Moro

A canvas and leather belt with a blur ombre in T. Moro chocolate brown.


Baj Belt Militare

A leather belt with a brushed silver buckle features an abstract textured pattern in light and dark militare brown.

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