Moonstone and Pearl Necklace

Moonstone and Pearl necklace with silver details.


Teal and Green Quartz Necklace

Teal and green quartz necklace with gold details.


Ethiopian and Boulder Opal Necklace

A deerskin strap necklace Ethiopian opal beads with a boulder opal drop pendant.


Jasper and Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Mixed jasper beads on silk cording wired by 14 karat gold to large keshi pearl stone drop.


Diamond Beaded Necklace

A multi chain necklace with diamond studded orb shaped ornaments.


14k Framed Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace

Watermelon tourmaline set in 14 karat gold wire-wrapped frame on 14k chain with lobster clasp closure.


14k Citrine and Rutilated Quartz Necklace

Round citrine stone on 14k chain with grey diamonds and 14k wire wrapping details, with rutilated quartz dangling below, on 14k chain.


14k White Chalcedony Saloni Moonstone Necklace

Six white chalcedony stones on fine 14k gold chain.


Bridal Mix Drop Necklace

Bridal mix with gold details and a beaded chain.


Open Pendant with Mixed Cognac Stones

Open pendant with mixed cognac stones on gold fill chain with gold fill wire wrapping details throughout.


Arden Mix Necklace

Arden necklace with gold details and a beaded chain.


Silver and Gold Necklace

Gold beaded necklace with silver and gold details.


14k Brown Rutilated Quartz and Diamond Necklace

Brown rutilated quartz in 14k gold wire wrapped frame with brown diamond dangles below, on 14k chain with diamonds inset throughout.


14k Brown Diamond Necklace

14k gold wire wrapped pendant with brown diamond border, on 14k chain.


14k Large White Chalcedony Drop Necklace

Large oval white chalcedony on fine 14k gold chain, connected by diamond and 14k gold wire wrapped hoop.  

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