Soft Tie Dye Blue Split Suede Clutch

A coin pouch-inspired tie-dye Suede Clic Clac clutch has a snap closure with a removable strap. Hand-held, or to slip into a large tote bag.


Pochette Poupoule

A printed cotton case with polyester handle.


La Mer Zip Pouch Blue / Bleu

A printed cotton canvas of ocean waves with clouds above.


Extra Large Lambskin Clutch

A coin pouch inspired Clic Clac Print India Bubble clutch with lambskin and inside pocket


Lulu Bag Medium

Lulu bag with adjustable chain and leather shoulder strap;41.5" with wide leg shoulder belt .


Calfskin Clutch

A coin pouch inspired noir clic clac clutch with calfskin and inside pocket


William Banana Bag Bronze Bubble Lambskin

A medium, leather crescent-shaped bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and zip closure in bronze brown.


Lulu Bag Small Doré Lambskin

A small leather bag with an adjustable leather and chain shoulder strap, small front pocket, and magnetic closure in doré gold.


Fur Clutch Bronzo

A small clutch with shearling sides and zippered top.


Fur Pouch Bronzo

A small coin purse with a zippered top.


Fur Pouch Excocco

A small coin purse with a zippered top.


Fur Pouch Black

A small coin purse with a zippered top.


Textured Purse Grigio

A small bucket purse with a mixture of fur and textured leather with handles.


Textured Crossbody Black

A flat cross-body bag with fur and leather details.


Tali Clutch Clay

A structured leather clutch with a bow handle.

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