Apolline Scarf Khaki

From a deconstructed bouquet into a painted porcelain corset.


Aubusson Scarf Indigo

Three big cats roaming freely in the wild through the clear forest light.


Le Baiser Scarf Sepia

Polished marble statues presenting a real life kiss.


Grosse Truffe Scarf Caramel

With velvet paws and an arched back, the cat naps on a geometric background.


Grosse Truffe Scarf White

With velvet paws and an arched back, the cat takes a nap.


Germain Scarf Squirrel

Watch as the animals play a game of chess on this beautiful scarf made of washable wool.


Aberdeen Scarf Yellow

Wool scarf with a three-tone symphony.


Rox Scarf Coral

A wool and cotton blend scarf with a wise fox in disguise, as it leaps from place to place.


Felid Scarf Khaki

A wool scarf with the savannah garden and a lion wandering through.


Marci Scarf Coral

Wool scarf with check and satin weaves.


Alienor Scarf Moss

Stunning wool scarf with a farandole of leaves dancing happily.


Kardia Bandana Red

Wool bandana with an oversized heart covering the natural world.


Man Burgundy

A burgundy scarf with black painted detailing and fringe edges.


Janel Paws Green

Wool, silk, and cashmere blend scarf with a leopard print and fringe edges.


Iris60 Green

A soft, light wool and cashmere blend scarf in green.

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