Piero Lavalier Scarf Nude

A stunning silk scarf with hidden gem stones.


Aout Lavalier Scarf Rose Pink

A beautiful long scarf made of silk with blooming roses.


Jardin Scarf Orange

A beautiful silk scarf finished with stitched borders, narrating a tale of pipe-smoking snakes and a hare jumping through vines.


Medicis Scarf Nude

A beautiful scarf made from a combination of silk and modal finished with stitched borders. Enjoy the essence of leaves accompanied by sweet fruits.


Petrichor Scarf Natural / Naturel

A wool and cashmere scarf with a Bengali tiger in the royal forest, on its way to pick its favorite flower.


Deauville Scarf Orange

A modal and cashmere scarf with views of the top of umbrellas as if you were standing high above them.


Botanique Scarf Red / Rouge

A wool and silk scarf with a story to tell; the hare races along the vines as the snake makes its way to the crown.


Pomme Scarf Blue / Bleu

A gorgeous scarf with a combination of cotton and silk, and woven borders. Find your way to the end of the western world to discover the holy apple tree.


Patti Scarf Yellow / Jaune

A cotton scarf with three levels of stunning patchwork: solid, hollow, and vichy textured. Something to brighten all of your days.


Cote D'azur Plum / Prune

A cotton scarf with color built from multiple surfaces woven differently. Enjoy a glimpse of the French Riviera as winds blow through the pine trees.


Baie De Somme Scarf Blue / Bleu

A cotton scarf with a satin, mat printed weave. Look through the fences, beyond the sand from St Valery to Le Crotoy as seagulls fly above.


Corcovado Scarf Bordeaux / Burgundy

A gorgeous cotton scarf of the Costa Rican cloud forest, where Fauna and Flora play together.


Ichor Bandana Bleu / Blue

Have some fun with Ichor, our feline wandering around on a cotton bandana with a dyed border and woven decor.


Light Large Square Scarf Orange

100% light linen large square scarf in orange.


Light Large Square Scarf Yellow

100% light linen large square scarf in yellow.

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