Founded by Milka Karaagacli of Istanbul, Turkey, 'Kismet' in Turkish means fate, fortune, and luck. After 13 years in the advertising industry, Milka pursued her passion in jewelry design and started Kismet in London. Inspired by the unique positioning of Istanbul that combines both Eastern exoticism and Western urbanity, Milka has created a line of fine jewelry that is simple, delicate, and feminine.


Beyond Earrings Rose Gold

A pair of small circular studs with star accents.


Kismet Star Earrings Gold

A pair of looped kismet star earrings.


Kismet Star Earrings Gold

A set of diamond-studded kismet star earrings.


Lumiere Earrings Champagne

A five diamond, stick, pair of earrings.


Lumiere Earrings Gold

Five diamond stick, studded earrings.


Bidik Earrings Rose Gold

A pair of small, rose gold star studs earrings.


Beyond Eclectic Necklace Rose Gold

A rose gold necklace with a diamond star pendant.


Struck Doodle Star Pinky Ring Rose Gold

A rose gold pinky ring with a champagne diamond star.


Beads Ring Gold

A gold, triangular ring with white diamonds.


Equality Bar Ring Rose Gold

A two bar ring with white diamonds.


Struck Small Ring Rose Gold

A rose gold ring with a white diamond star.


Lumiere Ring Rose Gold

A double row, rose gold ring with black diamonds.


Medallion Claw Ring Black Gold

A gold ring adorned with black diamonds.


Beads Ring Gold

A gold ring with white diamonds.


Kismet Star Double Necklace Gold

A gold necklace with diamond-accented pendants.

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