Founded by Milka Karaagacli of Istanbul, Turkey, 'Kismet' in Turkish means fate, fortune, and luck. After 13 years in the advertising industry, Milka pursued her passion in jewelry design and started Kismet in London. Inspired by the unique positioning of Istanbul that combines both Eastern exoticism and Western urbanity, Milka has created a line of fine jewelry that is simple, delicate, and feminine.

KISMET by Milka

10th Mini Eye Haven Hoop Earrings in White and Champagne Diamond

A pair of unique, embellished eye drop under hoop earrings with white and champagne diamonds in 14K rose gold.


White Diamond Inner Land African Sybol Tia Post Earrings

A pair of Half Moon shaped African symbol Tia stud earrings with white diamonds in 14K rose gold.


Crocodile Tail Earrings with Champagne Diamonds

A pair of crocodile tail stud earrings with embedded champagne diamonds


White Diamond Bee Post Earrings

A pair of bee design 14K rose gold stud earrings with white diamonds.


Feathers with Diamonds Post Earrings

A pair of rose gold feathers with diamonds post earrings


Eye and Feather Post Earrings with White Diamonds

A pair of eye and feather post earrings with white diamonds


White Diamond Dangling Robin Post Earrings

Solitaire diamond connected dangling robin with white diamonds post earrings.


Serrated Gold Hoop Earring with Champagne Diamonds

Serrated rose gold hoop earring with champagne diamonds


Dangle Small Hammered Disks Rose Gold Necklace

A delicate 18" adjustable length chain necklace features small hammered circular discs in 14K rose gold.


Bee Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

Bee Pendant Necklace with white diamonds and 14k rose gold chain.


White Diamond Robin Pendant Necklace

Robin pendant with white diamond and 14K rose gold chain.


Rattan Design Gold Bracelet with Champagne Diamonds

One row rattan design rose gold bracelet with champagne diamonds


Himbala Feather Design Rose Gold Ring

Himbala feather design solid rose gold ring


Feather Design with Pear and White Diamond Ring

Feather design with pear and white diamond rose gold ring


Baguette and White Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Baguette and white diamond rose gold ring

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