Nikky McBridget

Cozy Blouse Grey

An soft and comfortable V cut fabric with a twisting binding around the waist.


CBD Jean Denim

Hemp Jeans is an antibacterial fabric that and also saves water during washing process.


Cargo Pant Khaki

Comfortable fit with elastic detail at the ankle and waist, side pockets, and front button.


Cowgen Jean Khaki

Wide leg jeans made sustainably with natural clay.


Wrap Shirt Black

A soft and light cotton wrap shirt.


Cozy Blouse Beige

Soft, oversized blouse. Includes an accessory of the same material which can be worn as a mask or around the neck or head.


Cozy Pant Beige

Cozy and comfortable, easy-fit pants with elastic waist.


Cozy Hoodie Brown

Ultra-soft, textured hoodie.


Cozy Pant Brown

Cozy, easy-fit pants with two side pockets and elastic waist.


V-Neck Sweatshirt Black

Comfortable v-neck sweatshirt with button neckline and loose sleeves.


Basic Sweatshirt White

Comfy, round collar, basic sweatshirt with mesh pockets.


Basic Sweatshirt Green

Comfy, round collar, basic sweatshirt with mesh pockets.


Sweatshirt Blue

Comfy, easy-to-wear sweatshirt with mesh pockets.


Hoodie Pink

Soft, go-to hoodie in pink.


Hoodie Petrol Blue

Soft, go-to hoodie in petrol blue.

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