Casual and urban are the adjectives that best describe the Label P.MONJO, founded in 2010 in Menorca. A high quality, laid-back brand for women and men, which attaches great importance to quality, comfort and the uniqueness of its designs. P.MONJOS’ designs are not subject to any norms, thus they attract people that like to experiment and combine forms, materials and textures, and are keen on arts, vintage and bohemia.

P. Monjo

Boots Lux Asfalto

Mid-calf boots with soft, textured leather.


Boots Lux Negro

Soft and smooth leather boots, with a seam detailing, wood/rubber soles, and a back zip closure.


Mule Iron Black

A leather mule with an open toe and back strap


Slide Todi

A cross over open toe slide with rubber soles


Mule Siderale

Slip-on Open Toe Mule Silver Plata


Strap Ankle Boot Iron Grafito Granite Grey

A leather ankle bootie with a velcro-secured cross strap in granite grey.


Curved Ankle Boot Lux Rosso Red

An all leather bootie with a cushioned ankle, back zipper closure and curved heel in a burgundy red.


Slip-on Mule Iron Granito

A leather bootie mule with an open toe and sculptural heel.

$360.00 $180.00

Curved Ankle Boot Todi Caramel

An all leather bootie with back zipper closure and curved heel.


Two Textured Boot Black

A ankle bootie with a contrast textured layer with a V-slit front.

$456.00 $228.00

Tulip Ankle Boot Cuoio

A leather ankle boot with a tulip cut and zippered back.

$436.00 $218.00

Glossy Leather Sneaker Naplak Negro

A glossy sneaker with leather soles.

$396.00 $198.00

Sueded Sneaker Straus Ardesia

A leather sneaker with a rounded toe and monochromatic design.

$412.00 $206.00

Tokio Boot Vaquero Bistro

A soft leather mid-calf boot with back zipper closure.

$464.00 $232.00

Olivia Bootie Todi Negro

An all leather bootie with back zipper closure and curved heel.

$456.00 $228.00
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