Born into a family whose business was women's couture, followed by degrees in both fashion and graphic design, it is not surprising that Renee Garvey would eventually find her passion in jewelry. "My goal has always been to take what is innate to me, fashion and style, and blend it with what inspires me about living in California - the beauty of the sun and sand, the water, the earth," says Renee. Known for recycling materials and turning them into treasures, Renee has created a collection that makes people feel connected with nature, rather than just accessorized.

Renee Garvey

Kwalia and 14k Gold Nail Head Ring

A kwalia shell set with two gold nail heads, on band.


Knotted Smooth Aqua

A knotted Smooth Aquamarine Bracelet with leather closure.


Hand-Cut Aquamarine and Antler Bracelet

An aquamarine bracelet with antler accent and button/deerskin closure.


Yellow Pearls and Tourmaline Bracelet

A bracelet of yellow pearls separated by tourmaline beads and Ethiopian opal toggle closure.


Braided Leather Pearl Bracelet

A pearl on black braided leather bracelet with shell button closure.


Labradorite Brown Leather Bracelet

A labradorite Brown Leather Bracelet with shell closer.


Watermelon Tourmaline Mixed Stone Bracelet

A one of a kind bracelet of mixed stones.


African Trade Puka Bracelet

A bracelet made of mixed stones and puka shells.


Earth Leather Cuff

A leather with silk band bracelet with mixed stones.


Triple Strand Keshi Pearl Bracelet

Triple strand of small pearls on charcoal deerskin with carved horn button closure.


18k Kasumi Pearl Bracelet

A kasumi pearl surrounded by gold studs on chocolate deerskin.


Matte Brass Antler Ring

A shed antler tip on matte brass.

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