Sarah McGuire finds inspiration in organic forms, man-made curiosities and classic modernist design. With its emphasis on both design and craftsmanship, Sarah’s spare, organic work rewards scrutiny without clamoring for attention. Her goal is to make timeless, meticulously crafted pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

Sarah McGuire

Parchment Cuff Kelp Clasp

A thin textured bracelet with a clasp closure.


10K Aurora Cigar Band

A gold band with a hammered texture with scattered diamonds.


10K Short Sleeve Ring

A tapered ring with 5 white diamonds.


Orion Eternity Ring

A textured gold ring with white diamonds.


Half Moon Necklace

A hammered gold pendant necklace with an S-clasp closure.


Long Pave Sticks

A pair of gold stick earrings embellished with white diamonds.


Pave Half Lily Pad Stud

A pair of yellow gold semi-circle earrings with a line of white diamonds.


Pave Giant Lily Pad Stud

A pair of gold round earrings with a center line of white diamonds.


Astrid Half Moon Earrings

A pair of hammered gold half moon earrings with a diamond ring detail.


Mod Pave Petal Bracelet

A gold petal bracelet with a stem of white diamonds with a watchband style.


Skinny Baguette Ring

A silver paneled ring with a set of embellished diamonds.


Small Gilded Antler Necklace

An oxidized pendant with gilded tips on an oxidized chain.


Gilded Crescent Swing Necklace

A hammered oxidized silver crescent, gilded with gold.


Gilded Half Moon Necklace

A hammered pendant of oxidized silver, gilded with 18K gold.


Gilded Lily Stud

Oxidized silver disks gilded with gold.

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