Sarah McGuire finds inspiration in organic forms, man-made curiosities and classic modernist design. With its emphasis on both design and craftsmanship, Sarah’s spare, organic work rewards scrutiny without clamoring for attention. Her goal is to make timeless, meticulously crafted pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

Sarah McGuire

Kelp Solo Necklace

A handmade charm of 18k gold, attached to a 14k gold chain via 18k bead rings.


Large Relic Ring

A disk textured using an antique hammer sits atop a thin round band


Double Parchment Disk Earrings

A pair of parchment textured 18k gold disks joined by an 18k gold ring.


Long logan post

A pair of 18k yellow gold earrings with handmade charms and rings.


Kelp Charm Hoops

A pair of 18k hoops with handmade charms


Oxidized Silver Gilded Cuff

Hammered oxidized silver cuff gilded with 18k gold.


Kelp Double Chain Bracelet

Bracelet has a cascade of handmade 18k and oxidized silver charms held by 18k gold bead rings.


Nugget Studs

Little cubelets of oxidized silver with white diamonds


Pave Cuff

The lightly textured oxidized silver cuff with seven diamonds


Bias Hoop

Thick twisted oxidized sterling silver hoops are thick and twisted.


Gilded Half Lily Post

Oxidized silver half disks, gilded with 18k gold


Giant Gilded Lily Post

Oxidized silver disks, gilded with 18k gold


Double Chain Kelp Necklace

18k gold and oxidized silver charms held by 18k gold bead ring with oxidized double-chain, and S-clasp closure


Two Tones Bowline Midi Links Wrap

Versatile chain of handmade and twisted 18k and oxidized silver links, with a black diamond bead detail. It can be worn as a necklace at 21", as a lariat, or wrapped around the wrist 3 times. S-clasp,


Sea Spray Oxid Silver and Gold Earrings

A pair of drop earrings with oxidized silver chains, 18k gold ear wires, rings, and details

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