SAVEDby Line Up of Shoes

Artist Vincent Valdez and Todd Widell partnered to create SAVEDx, a brand with a goal of giving back.  The premise is art saved-by art, a cycle intended to preserve creativity as a staple of learning and personal growth for generations to come.  SAVEDx partners with established artists to produce limited-edition goods and donates a portion of the proceeds to children’s art education programs, MINDPOP, and the Smithsonian Undergraduate Internship Program.


Within Limits Valdez Slip-on

A limited edition, lightweight, slip-on sneaker with a print of a ship on the ocean by artist Vincent Valdez and a textured rubber sole.


Aquamarines Standards Slip-on

A lightweight, slip-on sneaker with a light blue canvas body and a textured, turquoise, rubber sole.