A designer of artisanal jewelry, Shana embeds her influences and exploration as a modern designer and rich, cultural legacies, traditions, and skill. Shana uses silver and gold metals along with various semi-precious and precious stones and slices of uncut raw diamonds set into a colored wax base. Uniquely carves and handcrafted, Shana blends traditional and modern design philosophies.

Shana Gulati

Kamet Ring Silver

A statement ring with black rutile and raw sliced diamonds.


Benna Ring Black

A multi-stone ring with sliced raw diamonds and black rutile.


Aven Ring Silver Clear

A geometric, cut-out ring with moonstone and sliced raw diamonds.


Adela Ring Clear

A tiered ring with mixed stones and diamonds.


Jija Ring Clear

A layered ring with labradorite and diamonds.


Daniella Ring Silver

A triangular ring with uncut diamonds.


Claire Ring Silver

A raised bar ring with uncut diamonds.


Arsha Ring Silver

A geometric ring with uncut diamonds and oxidized sterling silver.


Himara Ring Silver Clear

A tiered, triangular ring with sliced raw diamonds and pave champagne diamonds.


Neora Studs Black

A pair of sliced raw diamond studs with a geometric shape.


Palo Studs Steel

A pair of teardrop studs with pave champagne diamonds and steel resin.


Tonsa Studs Clear

A pair of hollow, circular earrings with sliced raw diamonds and pave champagne diamonds.

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