Victoria Cunningham has been creating fine jewelry for over two decades. Her designs have been described as understated yet always eye-catching. Ranging from simple diamond pendants to dramatic one-of-a-kind pieces, all are handcrafted using 14-karat gold and ethically sourced diamonds. Inspired by women, art, and culture from around the world, Victoria is grateful that her work offers her vast opportunities to connect with people near and far.

Victoria Cunningham

Golden Flake with Diamond Cluster

Organic golden flake sparkles with diamonds.


Cut Out Branch Ring with Diamond

The hammered gold ring placed over with diamonds,


14K Gold Arrow Ring

A small arrow charm set on 14 karat gold band.


14k Gold Moon Ring

A small crescent moon charm set on 14 karat gold band.


14k Gold Foot Earrings

Small 14 karat gold studs in the shape of a foot feature 14k posts.