Gilded Lily Stud

Oxidized silver disks gilded with gold.


Giant Gilded Lily Stud

Oxidized silver disks, gilded with 18K gold.


Astrid Half Moon Earrings

A pair of textured, semi-circle earrings with gold and diamond accents.


Small Shed Antler Slice Earrings

A pair of naturally shed antler earrings with gold ear wires.


Astrid Hoop Earrings Gold

A pair of gold, connected discs with diamond studs on each piece.


Struck Triple Star Studs

A pair of stud earrings featuring three stars in 14K rose gold.


Bidik Earrings Rose Gold

A pair of small, rose gold star studs earrings.


14k Framed Grey Chalcedony Earrings

Teardrop-shaped grey chalcedony set in 14 karat gold wire-wrapped frame, on 14k wire.


14k Rutilated Quartz Earrings

Long rectangular rutilated quartz with 14 karat gold wire wrapping details, on squared 14k wire.


Struck Doodle Star Maxi Earring

A pair of star shaped earrings made up of champagne diamonds and rose gold.


Le Soleil Short Tassels Small Earring

A pair of small tasseled earrings with champagne diamond accents.


Small Turquoise Drop Studs

Sterling silver post earrings with brass flower detail and turquoise drop.


14k Pave Diamond Linked Tube Earrings

A pair of drop earrings feature long pave diamond tubes with gold wire-wrapped links on a gold ear wire.


14k Pave Diamond Square

Pave diamond rounded square-shaped pendant set in 14 karat gold wire-wrapped frame, on 14k wire. 0.5" length.


Pyrite Earrings

Pyrite drop earrings with 14k gold vermeil by Dana Kellin.

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