Beaded Moon Studs

Dark silver pyrite beads set in a crescent moon shaped gold fill wire wrapped frame.


Long White Mix Dangle Earrings

Multi white on white stone drop with gold fill wire wrap details.


Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Drop earrings with Tahitian pearls and diamond and 14k gold accents.


Circular Sunstone Earrings

Drop earrings with circular sunstone set in 14k gold.


White Calcite Earrings

White Calcite with gold fill wire wrapped, 1.5" drop and 3/4" wide earrings.


Deep Rouge Mix Earrings

Deep rouge mix drop earrings with gold detail.


Pink Mix and Pearl Earrings

Pink mix and pearl earrings with gold detail.


Spire Earrings

A pair of silver spires on 18k wire.


Long Spire Earrings

A pair of silver spires on 18k wire.


Mini Diamond Dot Earrings

A pair of small stud earrings feature white diamonds set on 18K gold rounds.


Spangle Studs

A pair of textured gold square studs.


14k Gold Foot Earrings

Small 14 karat gold studs in the shape of a foot feature 14k posts.


14k Diamond Skull Earrings

14 karat gold skull-shaped earrings with two diamonds inset, on 14k posts.


14k Pave Diamond Kite Earrings

Pave diamond kite-shaped pendant set in 14 karat gold wire-wrapped frame, on 14k wire.


14k Pave Diamond Teardrop Earrings

Long teardrop-shaped pave diamond pendant dangling from 14 karat gold wire-wrapped loop on 14k wire.

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